Jun 1, 2009

She Loves Me Cake

I wanted my second cake to be the "She Loves Me" cake because it's so adorable. But in order to do this, I had to get a special daisy cake pan. (Jim is remembering how I went crazy making bread-baking purchases when I started the bread project; he's seeing the same gleam in my eye now.) But it hadn't arrived by 3:00 Saturday afternoon, sending me back to Heavenly Cakes for Plan B. At 3:45, however, the postman brought me the pan, allowing me to return to the original plan. I don't much care for Plan Bs (Plans B?), to tell the truth.

You can really see the color of the batter changing when you add the egg mixture to the first part of the batter because of the five egg yolks. I'm so glad that "they" - the people who make pronouncements about what is good for you and what will kill you - have taken eggs out of the second category and put it back in the first one. Even butter is not as evil as it once was. If you stretch it, perhaps that you could say this cake is practically like breakfast: butter, eggs, and flour.

I got two offset spatulas for Mother's Day. I never knew that what my life was missing was an offset spatula. It's very slick for smoothing the top of batter. I understand that it also works quite well for icing a cake, but I haven't tried that yet.

The top of the cake looks good. By next week, I should have my wire cake tester so I won't have to use a lowly toothpick to test the cake's doneness. The toothpick seemed to work just fine, although I suppose the wire cake tester is the greener option. We may be cutting down old-growth forests to make toothpicks for all I know. I read that our desire for ultra-soft toilet paper is responsible for decimating such forests in Canada. If that doesn't make you feel guilty, I don't know what will.

This cake is all about the daisy design, so I was, of course, quite worried that it would come out of the pan in chunks and not as one whole cake, even though I'd sprayed the pan with Baker's Secret to within an inch of its life. But all was well.

I told you it was very adorable.

The color picture in the book shows these daisies decorated very cunningly, with royal icing and lemon curd. I have made royal icing in my lifetime, but it's a pain. But I had some lemon curd, and I bought a little tube of white icing. I started to do an outline of a daisy. It looked kind of wobbly. Fortunately, Sarah was here and she took over.

I thought I had chosen the flowers to be outlined randomly; when I looked at the pictures, though, I saw that there was no randomness about it. They are in a vee, like Canada geese flying overhead. The lemon curd in the center looked so sweet, but it started sinking into the cake almost immediately. I tried to dab it up and start over, until both Jim and Sarah yelled at me and told me I was going to ruin the whole thing. So I stopped.

I invited eight neighbors over for an impromptu cake party. I told Jim he had to cut the cake, and he willingly took over. He told me to be sure to tell people that it was very easy to cut. The pieces can be cut in half and filled with lemon curd and blueberries or fruit and whipped cream, but I didn't want to tempt fate by trying to slice all the pieces in half, so I served strawberries and whipped cream on the side.

I was very pleased with this cake. It's a lovely "plain" cake that's full of flavor on its own and would combine well with fruit or chocolate or almost anything.


Betty: "It has a nice, crunchy outside--this is a heavenly cake."

Sarah: "This is the kind of cake I've always pictured English kids having at tea."

Laurel: "It's fluffy and light inside, with a good buttery flavor."


Bunny said...

It looks so pretty! I have to ask wherre you got the cake pan??? It's adorable!!! This is the perfect cake to have with berries and whipped cream,I like it that you could decorate the daisies but not cover it in frosting so you could have it with fruit. Very nice idea!!

breadbasketcase said...

I should have mentioned that it's a Nordic Ware pan. I got it from Amazon.com. I think you can order it directly from Nordic Ware, and, as I recall, other online merchants sell it. Sometimes you can also get specialty cake pans on ebay.

ButterYum said...

Adorable! I love when you mentioned, "I thought I had chosen the flowers to be outlined randomly; when I looked at the pictures, though, I saw that there was no randomness about it". It's really hard to intentionally be random!

Doughadear said...

I love the cake pan! I would make this cake just so that I could buy the pan. Really nice cake, perfect for serving it as you did with fruit and cream. Do your neighbours know how lucky they are.

Melinda said...

DOughadear has said what I thought.
I love cake mould and that one is really lovely. I am adding it to my cake pan wanted list (I still want that giant cupcake pan they do.)
Do you ever go to the Nordic Ware outlet store? It is probably a good thing I don't live close to the store.
The cake looks very friendly and modest. Definitely a cake for tea time here!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't expecting another cake so soon! I remember seeing this one when I flicked through the proof book in Devon. It looks good, nice to know it tastes good too! I think you should be on commission from Nordicware, the sales of this tin will rocket now! LOL! Jeannette

Kate said...

It's very reassuring to find that your cake turned out of the pan so easily. I'm so scared that mine will stick, I tend to avoid anything that doesn't have a removable bottom!

Kate said...

PS - to anyone (eg. jeannette ;-) ) posting anonymously .. if you select the name/URL option, the URL part is optional (ie. you can post your comment with your name only). HTH.

breadbasketcase said...

Yes, you're right--it's no good planning randomness. It's like planning spontaneity.

It's a funny thing--my neighbors seem to be nicer to me than they ever were before. Who says you can't buy love?

You're exactly right with "friendly and modest"--I want you on my tasting panel!

"Rocket" may be just a tiny exaggeration!

I love Baker's Secret for spraying pans--it's hard to find, but it really works, although I still hold my breath when I turn a cake pan over.

hector said...

awesome Marie, looks perfect, great texture and even rise baking! Jim's pictures are excellent: it is very useful to see how full the pan is filled with batter, then the final baked height.

just added this daisy nordicware pan on my amazon wish list -)

breadbasketcase said...

Well, maybe Nordic Ware will get an unexpected bump in sales.

evil cake lady said...

Lovely cake BBC! I also love my offset spatulas--and they are a dream for frosting cakes. I'm sure you will discover that yourself. by the way, since we're talking about fan cake gadgets, have you thought about a rotating cake stand? Invaluable for filling and frosting cakes!

So is this just a basic yellow butter cake? (You know I love yellow butter cake!)

breadbasketcase said...

It may not surprise you to know that I've gone through the entire cookbook and made a list of the various gadgets, ingredients, and cookware that I want. A rotating cake plate is on that list, and I'm glad to get your vote for it because I wasn't sure it would really be that helpful.
I guess it's a basic yellow butter cake. I grew up thinking that a cake mix was a basic yellow cake, and this is so much better it's not even funny.

Katya said...

I'm spending the weekend at home in MA with my folks, and when asked to select my cake for free choice week, they selected--oh well, the chocolate covered strawberry cake. So, well, I got that covered for two weeks from now.

But then, while cruising tag sales with my mother, what did she pick up and laugh at but the daisy pan--it was clearly fate, and although we both laughed at me, I bought it (my mother was convinced that $5.00 was a wild overpayment for that, two other pans, a ravioli press, and a large flower box. I am clearly in a different pricing range than this town demands). I suppose I can never mock all those silly nordic ware single use pans again, now that I've proved myself susceptible. And I guess I'm making the daisy cake for my free choice, although it will be late because my family won't let me make any more cake.