Oct 1, 2009

Getting Started

Drum roll, please.....
Here is the list of the ten people who get the free copy of Heavenly Cakes because they signed up first.

1. anitsirK www.eatsndrinks.ca

2. Jenn www.knittybaker.blogspot.com

3. Hanaâ http://HanaasKitchen.blogspot.com

4. Nancy B. http://nlbarber.blogspot.com/

5. Sugar Chef www.sugarchef.net

6. Sherrie www.forheavenlycakessake.blogspot.com

7. ButterYum www.butteryum.blogspot.com

8. Rozanne http://heavenlycakesenjoyedonearth.blogspot.com/

9. Nicola www.shebakesthecake.blogspot.com

10. Vicki http://baking-with-granny.blogspot.com/

Could all of you send me your full names and addresses ASAP and I will send them off to the publisher. (Email me at mlwolf2@comcast.net)

Rozanne and Vicki, I don't have blog addresses for you yet, so you will have to get a blog site in order to get the book.

Hanaâ, I mistakenly used your email address for a blog link - I need a blog address from you, too.

I will set up a list of blogs that are doing this project so you can check out each others' blogs. Don't forget to copy one of the widgets to your blog! (Not a requirement, but they look cool).

If I haven't responded to you yet, and you've asked to join, the answer is yes! I'm a little overwhelmed--but very gratified--by the response. Please bear with me until everything's up and running smoothly.


ButterYum said...

Yippie - Thank you Marie, Thanks you Wiley, and Thank you Rose!!

faithy, the amateur baker said...
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faithy, the amateur baker said...

Hi Marie, do you have a twitter account so i can add you? my twitter: theamateurbaker. Thanks! Faithy

Hanaâ said...


Yay! I can't believe I'm an official Heavenly Cake Baker :o)

My blog URL is http://HanaasKitchen.blogspot.com.


anitsirK said...

I'm so excited to start baking with all of you -- as soon as I get my copy of the book, that is! :)

Sugar Chef said...

Can't wait to get started. This will be fun.

Rozanne said...

Thank you Marie, Rose and Wiley! I am soooooooooo excited.
I'll send you my address.

Jenn said...

Marie - I just sent you my address via email.

breadbasketcase said...

You're welcome!

None yet, but I wouldn't rule it out entirely.

As official as can be!

I'm excited too, and I hope you have the book within a week or two.

Sugar Chef,
I agree.

I like your title!

Got it.

Bungalow Barbara said...

Marie, may I suggest that we have a "problems and questions" post for each recipe, the way they do over on Tuesdays with Dorie or Sweet Melissa Sundays? It's a great place for us all to exchange questions about the recipe of the week.

I hope to do the Janczi Torte but it is going to be a bit late. Saturday I work and Sunday I cook and bake for my husband's birthday dinner. (He always requests a birthday pie.)

ButterYum said...

That seems like a good idea. I thought of a couple of questions as I read over the Janczi Torte recipe this afternoon.

breadbasketcase said...

Bungalow Barbara and Butter Yum,
That's a good idea. How about a midweek post where people can get feedback on their last cake and ask (and answer) questions about the upcoming one?

Rachelino said...

I would like to join! I thought I already had left a comment on the right post to add myself to the baking group. Is there a schedule of the challenges someone could point me to?

Rachel said...

Never mind- I had an old version of this site cached. I see the sidebar schedule now. Can I start at Week 3?

ButterYum said...

Great solution Marie!

breadbasketcase said...

Yes, definitely--just send me your blog address so I can add you to the list.

breadbasketcase said...

Never mind. I just clicked on your name, and there you were.